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Erase the Clouds with SkyBrush Eraser

The SkyBrush Eraser has ‘squeeky cleaned’ whiteboards and chalkboards for 40+ years. Sky erasers are the traditional skybrush – the original that includes the standard SkyBrush Eraser, the Sky II -magnetic grip, the Skywriter that is magnetic and holds 2 markers and the 20/20 Custodial Eraser.

Unlike erasers that smear chalk dust into an unsightly haze, the Sky eraser loosens it, lifts it and carries it away, leaving behind a clean surface undimmed by dull residue. On Whiteboards, Sky Eraser eliminates the marker haze; boards are clean. No additional cleaning needed with chemicals or water.

Modern Materials – Unique Fiber Concept and sturdy foam grip set the SkyBrush Eraser apart from ordinary erasers that break down under continuous use. Give us a try, your boards will be glad you did.

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Sky Board Erasers – the best whiteboard & chalkboard erasers on the Planet. Guaranteed for Life!
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Samples Offered

  • Sample Pack: 1 Sky Brush; 1 Sky II Magnetic Board Grip Eraser; 1 SkyWriter Eraser with one SkyWriter Marker @ $19.50
  • 1 Evaluation Eraser Sample: 1 SkyBrush Eraser @ $6.95

Call for Pricing and samples on Volume/Distributor Sales
Tel: 610-364-3200

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