Chalk Eraser, Dry Eraser, Marker Eraser

Best Chalk Eraser, Dry Eraser and Marker Eraser!

Chalk Eraser, Dry Eraser, Marker Eraser

  • marker boards

  • slate boards

  • dry erase boards

  • porcelain enamel boards

  • porcelain enamel chalkboards

  • porcelain enamel whiteboards

For Blackboards & Other Chalkboards

Unlike erasers that smear chalk dust into an unsightly haze, the Sky eraser loosens it, lifts it and carries it away, leaving behind a clean surface undimmed by dull residue.

There’s no need to pound or bang Sky erasers together to loosen chalk, or vacuum clean them. It’s never caked on to begin with… you “clean” this brush every time you put it down. Modern Materials – Unique Fiber Concept and sturdy foam grip set the Sky Board Eraser apart from ordinary erasers that break down under continuous use.