SkyBrush Eraser


The All Surface, Whiteboard & Blackboard Eraser!

How SkyBrush eraser works

Six storage channels between the rows of flexible, space age fibers catch dust and hold it. Dust loosened by the first bank of velvet soft bristles is swept up and trapped in the first channel. Additional residue removed by the second row of bristles is effortlessly captured in the second channel, and so on.

The end rows of bristles assure efficient retention of residue and particles until Sky Brush is placed face down on a dust sill or another appropriate surface.

The fibers are made of durable material and can be cleaned easily using soap and water.

SkyBrush erases old slate boards and modern white boards, which can be difficult to erase with traditional erasers.

SkyBrush is recommended by major board manufacterers – and sold worldwide.

SkyBrush Erasers Pricing/Ordering

Dimensions: 6″ x 2″ x 1″ nominal.

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