Why SkyBoardEraser?

For Whiteboards & Other Erasable Ink Boards-EASY Clean

Easy Clean EraserA space age unique fiber concept is the secret to Sky Board Eraser’s unmatched ability to bite through ink film and residue and carry them away, leaving a clean bright instructional surface.

In data processing applications where dust is a hazard that can cause costly delays and down-time, the performance of Sky Board Eraser in whisking away ink flakes makes it an inexpensive yet vital adjunct to a white-board visual aid system.

And, unlike other whiteboard erasers, Sky Board Eraser, with its unique fiber concept and tough foam grip, can be washed in soap and water.

With a sleek, contemporary design, thoughtfully engineered for both superior performance and appearance, the Sky Board Eraser is the eraser most often seen in corporate settings and conference rooms where quality is demanded. Superior in both style and efficiency, Sky Board Eraser makes all other erasers obsolete.

For Blackboards & Other Chalkboards

Unlike erasers that smear chalk dust into an unsightly haze, the Sky eraser loosens it, lifts it and carries it away, leaving behind a clean surface undimmed by dull residue.

There’s no need to pound or bang Sky erasers together to loosen chalk, or vacuum clean them. It’s never caked on to begin with… you “clean” this brush every time you put it down. Modern Materials – Unique Fiber Concept and sturdy foam grip set the Sky Board Eraser apart from ordinary erasers that break down under continuous use.

How Sky Board Eraser Works

Six unique storage channels between the rows of flexible space age fibers on the working surface of Sky Board Eraser catch dust and hold it. Dust loosened by the first bank of velvet soft bristles is swept up and trapped in the first channel.

Additional residue removed by the second row of bristles is effortlessly captured in the second channel, and so on. End rows of bristles assure efficient retention of residue and particles until Sky Board Eraser is placed face down on a blackboard dust sill or other appropriate surface. Designed with this distinctive self-cleaning feature, Sky Board Eraser is quickly ready to use again and again.

Roy Hollabaugh